Luxury Gift Set | Signature Yashmagh Luxury Gift Set – Signature Yashmagh

Order 5 Ghutras or Shemaghs & get a reduced price per piece, and an even greater reduction with 10 pieces or more.

Luxury Gift Set

AED 1,290.00

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In the spirit of Eid al-Adha for the year 2024,
With a refreshed and youthful appearance, we present to you the Eid al-Adha Gift Set, adorned with a special Eid design, including an optimal selection of men’s products for Eid:

– 2x Shemaghs
– 3x Ghutras
– Mist Edition Spray
– Edition 19
– Classic Subha
– Edition 1
– Additionally, it includes an Eid greeting card.

The boxes are available at Al Khawaneej Walk branch, or through online orders via the website or Instagram.

May you be blessed with continuous good fortune.