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Order 5 Ghutras or Shemaghs & get a reduced price per piece, and an even greater reduction with 10 pieces or more.


Are Signature Yashmagh open for collaborations with Emiratis or non-Emiratis brands?

We aim to convey the civilization of the Emirati heritage in a modern and contemporary way. Therefore, we at Signature Yashmagh, welcome cooperation agreements or partnerships to display our products in a way that serves this goal with various companies and businessmen from different countries anywhere in the world, according to the terms and conditions that will be discussed later.

We have an exhibition and would like to invite Signature Yashmagh to participate.

At Signature Yashmagh, we have a team that frequently participates in exhibitions and various social and commercial events. Through these participations, we contribute to conveying the civilization of Shemagh and the Arab heritage to different communities. We always welcome invitations for participation, and we respond to them within a week of receiving these requests.


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