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Order 5 Ghutras or Shemaghs & get a reduced price per piece, and an even greater reduction with 10 pieces or more.


How long would it take to deliver the order? And do you deliver to GCC countries?

Delivery in the UAE is usually within 2-5 working days. A delay of additional 3 working days may occur when ordering on the days close to Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Delivery to the Gulf countries is available. Some orders may require 5-15 working days delivery depending on the special circumstances of each country and the procedures followed in it. It is also to be mentioned that shipment fees to Gulf countries vary from one country to another.

Where can I find Signature Yashmagh and Subha products?

All products are available on the official website of the brand, our boutique, and through our partners in the various emirates, and Gulf countries. Locations and contact details are available on this regularly updated link.
Signature Yashmagh:

How can I gift authentic Emirati items to Emiratis or non-Emiratis?

Our products can be a great option to gift a father, a husband, a bridegroom, or a graduate who is about to kickstart his professional career. We also have options that can be suitable for children.

Our products are also an ideal choice to gift non-Emiratis traditional Emirati collectibles with a modern look, including explanations of most of the products in both Arabic and English.

At Signature Yashmagh we always say, if you want to give someone an Emirati-themed gift, so it’s the right option!

Does Signature Yashmagh accept cash on delivery service?

We apologize for not taking unpaid or “cash on delivery” requests due to the logistical challenges associated with them. We look forward to serving you better with the range of payment options we offer through different platforms, or via direct bank transfer. You can contact us directly on Instagram or WhatsApp for further details.

What are the return and refund policies?

All terms and conditions are explained in the following link in both Arabic and English:

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