EDITION 19 – 30ml | Signature Yashmagh EDITION 19 – 30ml – Signature Yashmagh

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EDITION 19 – 30ml

AED 147.00

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Eau de Parfum – 30ml

Optimal for daily use and travel, this compact spray fits perfectly in small bags or even the pocket of a traditional kandora.

This is not just any spray—it’s meticulously designed to harmonize with the threads of a ghutra, offering a refreshing scent that lingers for over 24 hours.

Crafted with pure musk, blended with the sophisticated aroma of Italian leather, delicate jasmine petals, and a hint of peach essence, this spray ensures a burst of freshness with every spritz. Experience the revitalizing fragrance of Edition 19, where luxury meets practicality.

Key Ingredients:
Musk – Peach – Leather – Jasmine