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Oud Edition

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Special Edition- Limited stock
With the approaching celebration of the UAE National Day, we present for the first time a mixture of precious and natural alluring scents.

The “Oud Edition” Mukallat was endorsed and implemented a year ago, in France. During that period, many adaptations and additions were made to it to suit the nature of our society, which is diverse in tastes and ideologies… Its launch coincides with the 51st National Day of our beloved country the United Arab Emirates.

After blending diluted scents of rose and saffron with an original oil base of pure agarwood, white musk, and ambergris, this luxurious scent was created exclusively for Signature Yashmagh, to suit both genders, for all times and occasions.

We offer it in an elegant glass bottle of 10 ml, and in a wooden box that we present for the first time with a wrap designed to depict the shape of the bottle and its natural perfume components.