The Blue Subha | Signature Yashmagh The Blue Subha – Signature Yashmagh

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The Blue Subha

AED 200.00

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Inspired by the pristine azure skies of the Arabian Gulf, our Blue Subha stands out with its unique hue. It’s a captivating blend of blue shades mirroring the enchanting horizon, reflecting the essence of the region’s natural beauty. This Subha embodies a serene morning ambiance and the distinctive vistas surrounding us. It’s not just a Subha; it’s a masterpiece that seamlessly marries simplicity and elegance, drawing from the hues of nature. There’s nothing quite like it, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art.

– 33 cylinder-shaped beads
– PLA material
– 3D printed
– Silk threading
– Divider after every 11th bead
– Eco-friendly
– Made using 100% sustainable processes