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Wedding Box

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Introducing the Groom’s Set, a timeless memento for the most significant day in any gentleman’s life!

Crafted to perfection, the Groom’s Set seamlessly blends awe-inspiring presentation with meticulous attention to detail, encapsulating the essence of this momentous occasion. Inside, discover a curated selection of our classic offerings presented in a refreshingly modern manner, alongside exclusive new additions available only within the Groom’s Set.

Included within this exceptional ensemble is the iconic White Kandora piece, meticulously coordinated with the hues of the Shemagh, Gutra, and Subha. Also featured is the finest Indian Mouri Oud Wood, exquisitely suited for special occasions.

The Groom’s Set, exclusively presented by Signature Yashmagh, draws inspiration from the rich traditions of masculine weddings in the region. Its distinctive illustrations, unique presentation, and carefully curated contents are complemented by a “Congratulations on Tying the Knot” card and a discreet compartment sized for adding a monetary gift, elegantly encapsulating your sentiments.

Set includes:
– Edition 1 Mukallat
– Edition 19 Spray
– Edition Musk Spray
– Kandora Subha
– Shakibu Kandora Piece (3.5 meters)
– Indian Mouri Oud Wood (3 tolas)
– 1x Signature Yashmagh Shemagh
– 2x Signature Yashmagh Gutrahs

Complimentary Services:
– Free delivery via dedicated courier across all Emirates
– Customization of initials on Gutrahs and Shemagh
– Inclusion of a small “Congratulations on Tying the Knot” card with personalized message printing