Modern Interpretation of an Ancient Classic

Discover Timeless Beauty in Our Contemporary Subha Collection

What is Subha?

The literal translation is concept that bound between “beautiful” and “charm”.

Beads have played a key role in human history. They have been viewed as mystical object, jewels, talismans and meditation items. No matter the origin or material, beads have been close to the human body and soul for centuries. Subha has been an essential product for many men and women in the Arab world. No gulf native feel whole unless he or she has a Subha close.

Why is our Subha unique?

Made with PLA
The renowned material named “bioplastic”, It's Non-toxic & Renewable.
Eco Friendly
This eco-friendly technology results in splendid Subhas
Hand Crafted
The 33 beads are combined using cotton or silk by hand.
Variety of Colors
The beads have a unique texture and a degree of thickness
Unique Texture
A degree of thickness that enhances the experience and the looks
Top-of-the-art 3D printing
Different sizes and bonded by a pure and soft thread


  • Kandorah Subha

    A unique blue-white color, the exceptional “Juwait” of the modern Emirati Kandorah, a shade that we finally obtained in our 3D printers to make our color matching Subhas reflecting the Emirati Kandorah, designed with classic shape and size beads.

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  • Cedar Horse Subha

    The Cedar Horse Subha is a tribute to the mesmerizing thoroughbred horse both in shape and color. The bead has been uniquely designed to imitate the sleek figure of the thoroughbred with a dark brown tassel resembling the tale. Heroism and sophistication are the foundations of this Subha.

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  • Pearl Subha

    The Pearl Subha imitates the luster, and ethereal glow of the precious gem. It also embodies the Emirati culture and history by showcasing how this prized possession can signify luxury yet simplicity.

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  • Jet Black Subha

    The stunning black Subha is inspired by the Arabian men’s black headband called “Agal” –which is used to keep the yashmagh in place. The 33-piece beaded Subha represents solidarity and respect for centuries-old traditions.

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  • Agarwood Brown Subha

    The Agarwood Brown Subha pays homage to oud in terms of color, density and concept. Like Oud, this Subha has no similar analogues, it is unique, precious and pleasing. The distinctive shade of oud is portrayed in this Subha and resonates in every bead.

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  • Arabian White Subha

    The Arabian White Subha mimics the characteristic of the pure bred white horse-“The Rabdan” which the founding father of the United Arab Emirates had a special place in his heart for. The magnificence of the animal, its beauty and elegance are portrayed in each sterling bead.

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  • The Blue Subha

    Inspired by the pristine azure skies of the Arabian Gulf, our Blue Subha stands out with its unique hue. It's a captivating blend of blue shades mirroring the enchanting horizon, reflecting the essence of the region's natural beauty.

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  • Navy Blue Subha

    The Navy Blue Subha has been precisely crafted to resemble the deep blue hues of the majestic Arabian Gulf. With thirty-three oval-shaped beads that have been 3D-printed, it symbolizes the richness and ever-lasting characteristics of the Arabian Gulf.

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  • Sunrise Gold Subha

    The Sunrise Golden Subha was designed to replicate the brightness and resilience of a desert sunrise. Much like a sunrise, the subha offers comfort and serenity in the simplest of forms. It’s bright hue not only brings a sense of warmth, it also illuminates.

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  • Deep Ocean Subha

    The Deep Ocean Subha has been precisely crafted to resemble the deep blue hues of the majestic Oceans. With thirty-three cylinder-shaped beads that have been 3D-printed, it symbolizes the richness and ever-lasting characteristics of the Ocean.

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